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13 August 2012 @ 09:09 pm
If you somehow haven't had a chance to listen to it, click below for Alphabeat's newest single, "Love Sea!" Can't wait for the video. Definitely hoping there's a story line and that SG and Stine will play the new lovers!

Can we talk about how fab Anders B's hair has been?

Hopefully it's available already on your country's iTunes, but if not it should be getting up there soon! Make sure to download it from iTunes to support our favorite band!
18 July 2012 @ 11:08 am
Many apologies for being so MIA! Don't worry, I still love Alphabeat! Just been busy with travelling, being pregnant, and life in general :)

A couple months late, but here are some great videos of the group performing live at Fredagsrock back in May. Whoever filmed this had a great zoom on their camera and was really good about spanning the whole stage. Great shots of everyone! Enjoy!


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13 April 2012 @ 07:47 am
Woohoo! So happy to finally be able to share Alphabeat's new video for "Vacation!" Check it out below and be prepared to feel HAPPY!

24 March 2012 @ 01:29 pm
Check out Alphabeat performing on Denmark's X Factor finale from last night!

16 March 2012 @ 06:18 pm

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions to our exclusive interview with Alphabeat! Read on below to see what we asked and what they had to say.

Sophie (@Tigerclaws95) asks: What is the band currently listening to and liking?
We're six individual people so we listen to so many different things. That's probably also what makes the songwriting process so much more fun because you never know what's gonna be tipped in from each band member. Some is digging new music. For example, Anders SG is really digging the new stuff from Sam Sparro and SSION. Anders B loves to go to record stores and find old school albums no one has ever heard of. And Anders Reinholdt is always looking for new remixes as he DJs a lot. We love so much different music and we love talking about music in the band. No limits. Just amazing music !

Would the band ever consider doing any VIP meet and greets backstage packages at shows like some bands do if fans pay extra money?
We would never charge money to meet our fans. Come over and say hi if you meet us. It's so much more easy... and fun.

Amo (@AmoAmmo) asks: What was the name of the first song you ever performed as Sodastar?
"The Letter". Troels wrote it and it was terrible.

What was the name of the first song you ever performed as Alphabeat?
We changed our name to Alphabeat back in 2006 just a couple of months before the release of our first single in Denmark, "Fascination". But songs like "Fascination", "10,000 Nights" and "Fantastic Six" kinda shaped everything and made us Alphabeat.

Did Stine’s 2009 makeover work? Did people stop calling her cute?
We suddently started to get more of those "Damn, the girl in Alphabeat is HOT!" messages... So something must have worked. But it wasn't really a move to make her un-cute. We kinda just changed style as we changed style in music. We're a pop band. We should develop and reinvent ourselves and we did that for "The Beat Is...". Some pop acts don't get that point coz in pop we're free to do what ever we want to do...

Heather (@heatherlouise_x) asks: To Troels – what is your favourite pizza?
Italian. Everything with pepperoni goes...

When will we get to see the new video for Vacation?
We're very excited for the "Vacation" video... We had the most brilliant time on the set that day and got tons of good shots. We're working on finishing the video these days and you'll see it soon. We promise.

Are you looking forward for summer, anything exciting planned?
At the moment we've got a lovely tour booked for Denmark. That's kind of the plans for now. But we're working on going back to Holland and Belgium at some point too. And the UK of course. We've had chats in the band about setting up a tour at some point. We just hope people want us back where ever we go. US has been only once when we played SXSW and the New York gig. We'll never forget those few days "over there" and would love to go back. Maybe we should add a couple of South American gigs too as it seems we've got a big following in some of those countries too... Pop is a universal language. We love it!

Hugh (@shuggywugie) asks: If you were to cover a song on tour, what would you cover and by who?
We've done Sugababes, Public Image LTD, Sam Sparro, Black Box, Daft Punk and probably more. It's a tough one but we'd probably end up doing something written by Stock Aitken Waterman as we've got a love for their songwriting in the band.

GreatYarmouth1 (@GREATYARMOUTH1) asks: Who would you like to play you if a movie of your lives was made?
Anders SG: Someone in between Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake
Stine: Audrey Tautou. Stine loves France and Audrey has got the cuteness and edge to do the trick.
The boys: 4 guys who were cool child stars back in the 80s who'd need a come back.

Mathias (@Alphabeat_GaGa) asks: What’s the best thing about living in Copenhagen again?
You can ride your bicycle anywhere you want to go.

What do you miss the most about living in London?
The kindness whereever you go. "Yes please", "Thank you", Etc. People in Denmark are in a hurry most of the time...

Can you tell us some of the song titles from the new album?
Yes sure. "Vacation".

Harry (@hazardibo) asks: Has Anders SG ever hit anyone in the face with his tambourine?
No but he has hit himself plenty of times. He has destroyed tambourines while hitting his chest! His body can be badly bruised after a gig! It's hard work to do pop the way we do ; )

Junior (@fariah_juh) asks: Do you plan on releasing a live DVD for less fortunate fans who cannot see you live?
We had a really good recording from one of the festivals we played last summer and it made us realize that maybe we should do this live DVD thing at some point.

And lastly, my questions! Will there be a physical release of the new album, or just digital release?
"Vacation" is setting up everything at the moment. We're hoping that some major label out there will pick us up and maybe release our next album physically. As it is right now we're signed to Copenhagen Records (our Danish label) and together we've agreed that you should all just have "Vacation" as we know we've got an amazing following of fans everywhere in the world. We know we're not gonna be Top 10 but to us that doesn't matter right now. We just wanted to make all pop lovers happy out there. Call it "Fan Service" if you'd like.
The album might only get a digital release, depending on the major label thing. BUT if we're not picked up on this one we'd probably sit down around a table with a bunch of envelopes and stamps and send out albums to who ever would want to buy one. For now we hope you guys are happy about "Vacation" ; )

Will the band have a new "look" for the 3rd album? Vacation looks to be 60's/70's mod so far!
We went mad with clothing and "looks" on "This Is Alphabeat". We tightened up everything on "The Beat Is..." and got glossy and 90s pop with suits and all. This time around we're combining the craziness from the debut and the uniform look on the last album. We can more or less do what we want to do - As long as we're suiting each other well. Stine has been working with some designers on getting new and unique dresses made for her.
We're doing a lot of things on our own this time and that is in fact a good position to be in. Our label might hate us sometimes as we veto a lot. But in the end it's gonna be a product we can all agree on and be happy about instead of having someone thinking "I don't like that".
Anders Reinholdt did the art work for the single and press picture. We've had a love for old 50s and 60s colours, fonts, posters and post cards and we've tried to unite that with a bit of 80s major label punk pop band pictures and of course a modern 2012 look. We like to fool around with genres, looks and decades. No one tells us what we can and can't do. It's pop!

Thanks again so much for doing this. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it!
Thanks a lot to everyone contributing on this !! Love you all
11 March 2012 @ 09:26 am

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask Alphabeat? Now's your chance! I will be doing an e-mail interview with them led by YOU!

You can submit your question by leaving a comment on this post or by tweeting/DM'ing it to @alphabeatLJ by this Wednesday, March 14. I will include your twitter handle or livejournal username with your question. You can still submit a question if you don't have twitter or livejournal, just make sure to include your name if you want them to know you asked!

Submit as many questions as you'd like! I will go through all of them and select the best ones to send to Alphabeat. Once they've answered them I'll post the full interview right here on the fan site!

We all know how great they are keeping in touch with us fans on facebook, their official site, and especially through twitter, but here's our chance to get a little closer! So think about what you've always wanted to know, get creative, stay respectful, and ask away! Can't wait to get this started!
22 January 2012 @ 10:30 am
Check out these videos of Stine performing with fellow Danish musician Mads Langer. They do a nice slowed down version of Alphabeat's "Fascination" as well as a duet of "I'll Go Anywhere With You." The videos are shot far away, but the audio is fantastic.

02 August 2011 @ 07:58 am
Just saw there are a couple new live videos on youtube from their tour! Check them out below.

26 July 2011 @ 09:54 pm
Alphabeat performed at Vordingborg Festuge earlier this month. Carsten Brix of BrixFoto has allowed me to post the pictures he took here! Check out the beautiful and of course colorful pictures below! I especially like #13 :)

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You can check out more of Carsten's work here on his flickr account.

Additionally, my lovely co-mod Sophie alerted me to a video from this concert! Check it out below-

05 July 2011 @ 05:54 pm
Check out the official music video for Morten Hampenberg & Alexander Brown's "I Want You (To Want Me Back)" featuring a very pretty Stine!